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  • 1 h
  • 220 British pounds
  • Walton Street

Service Description

Overview: A Full Body Lymphatic Massage is a therapeutic treatment designed to stimulate the lymphatic system, promoting detoxification and enhancing overall wellness. This gentle, rhythmic massage technique targets lymph nodes and vessels throughout the body, encouraging lymphatic drainage and improving circulation. Procedure: Consultation: Your session begins with a consultation with a certified massage therapist. They will discuss your health history, any specific concerns, and goals for the treatment. Preparation: You may be provided with disposable undergarments or asked to disrobe to your comfort level. The massage therapist ensures you are comfortably positioned on the massage table. Lymphatic Massage Technique: The therapist uses light pressure and rhythmic strokes to stimulate the lymphatic system. This technique follows the natural flow of lymphatic vessels to encourage the movement of lymph fluid throughout the body. Sequence of Movements: Starting from the neck and working downwards, the therapist gently massages key lymph nodes and areas where lymphatic vessels are concentrated, such as underarms, abdomen, groin, and knees. Detoxification and Relaxation: As the lymphatic massage progresses, it helps eliminate toxins, excess fluid, and metabolic waste from tissues. This can reduce swelling, improve immune function, and promote relaxation. Post-Massage Recommendations: After the massage, you may be advised to drink plenty of water to support the detoxification process. Light stretching or gentle movement may also be recommended to maintain lymphatic flow. Benefits: Detoxification: Supports the body's natural detox process by enhancing lymphatic drainage. Improved Circulation: Boosts circulation and reduces fluid retention, leading to improved overall health and vitality. Enhanced Immune Function: Stimulates the immune system by clearing toxins and supporting lymphocyte production. Relaxation: Promotes relaxation and reduces stress levels through gentle, soothing massage techniques. Who Should Consider Full Body Lymphatic Massage: Individuals looking to support their immune system and enhance overall wellness. Those experiencing swelling, water retention, or post-surgical recovery. Anyone seeking a gentle, non-invasive massage therapy to promote detoxification and relaxation.

Contact Details

  • 79 Walton Street, London, UK


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