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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

LadyJo London was founded by Lady Johanna Duque which is a beauty entrepreneur who has attained to iconic status in the beauty industry. In 2020, she left an indelible mark with the introduction of LadyJo London. While initially specialising in the art of eyebrow threading, LadyJo London has evolved under her visionary leadership to offer an extensive repertoire of over 60 treatments, ranging from laser body contouring to microblading and semi-permanent makeup.


Our commitment to excellence is evident not only in the success of the brand but also in our role as a mentor and guide to beauty aestheticians and businesses across London. LadyJo Londons influence has transcended geographical boundaries, attracting clientele and aspiring professionals from around the world. The impact of our services and mentorship has created a ripple effect, elevating the standards of the beauty industry.

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