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  • 1 h
  • 200 British pounds
  • Walton Street

Service Description

Overview: A microblading top-up, also known as a touch-up or enhancement session, is a follow-up procedure to maintain and refresh the appearance of your previously micro bladed eyebrows. This service ensures that your brows retain their shape, colour intensity, and definition over time, extending the longevity of your initial microblading treatment. What to Expect: Consultation: Your session begins with a consultation to assess the current condition of your micro bladed brows. We discuss any changes in your desired brow shape or intensity and address any concerns you may have. Preparation: The brow area is cleansed to remove any makeup, oils, or residue. This ensures a clean surface for the microblading touch-up procedure. Microblading Touch-Up Process: Colour Matching: The technician selects a pigment that matches your natural brow colour or desired shade. Enhancement: Using a microblading tool with fine needles, the technician enhances the existing brow strokes, fills in any areas where pigment may have faded, and reinforces the brow shape and definition. Feathering Technique: Feathering or shading techniques may be used to create a natural-looking brow appearance, enhancing fullness and symmetry. Aftercare Instructions Reinforcement: You will receive detailed aftercare instructions to ensure optimal healing and pigment retention. Post-procedure care typically involves avoiding moisture, sun exposure, and certain skincare products that could affect the healing process. Results: Following your microblading top-up session, your eyebrows will appear refreshed, with improved colour intensity and definition. Results vary based on individual skin type and lifestyle factors but generally last between 12 to 18 months before another touch-up may be required. Who Should Consider Microblading Top-Up: Individuals who have previously undergone microblading and wish to maintain their brows' shape and colour intensity. Those looking to enhance or refresh their brows without the daily hassle of applying makeup. Anyone seeking long-lasting, natural-looking eyebrows with minimal maintenance.

Contact Details

  • 79 Walton Street, London, UK


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